Parking Generally
307.01   Prohibition against  parking on streets or highways.
307.02   Police may remove illegally stopped vehicles.
307.03   Prohibited stopping, standing or parking places.
307.04   Vehicles parked on private property.
307.05   Manner of angle and parallel parking.
307.06   Accessible parking.
307.07   Disposal of abandoned motor vehicles, junked motor vehicles, and abandoned or inoperative household appliances.
307.08   Parking for certain purposes prohibited.
307.09   Truck loading zones.
307.10   Bus stops and taxicab stands.
307.11   Parking in alleys and narrow streets; exceptions.
307.12   Registered owner prima-facie liable for unlawful parking.
307.13   Forty-eight hour parking limit.
307.14   House trailers; mobile homes.
307.15   Restricted parking on High Street. (Repealed)
307.16   Restricted and prohibited parking areas. (Repealed)
307.17   Parking in residential areas.
307.18    Restricted and prohibited parking areas.
307.19      Chalk marking tires on  motor vehicles.
307.99   Penalty.
See sectional histories for similar State law
Authority to regulate the standing or parking of vehicles - see W. Va.  Code 17C-2-8(a)(1)
Authority to regulate parallel and angle parking - see W. Va. Code  17C-13-4
Parking Authority Board - see ADM. Art. 153