(A)   Any owner of a vacant residential property of one to three units, who is a natural person with insufficient income or resources to fulfill all of the obligations imposed herein, may petition the city for a waiver of the annual fee, a reduction of the minimum amount of liability insurance, and/or a waiver of some or all of the property rehabilitation requirements (hereinafter "financial requirements") under this chapter for a period of time not to exceed 12 months. Application for a waiver of financial requirements shall be in writing on forms provided by the city. The decision of the City Manager, to be made within 14 days of receiving the petition, shall be made in writing and shall forthwith be mailed or delivered to the petitioner. An appeal of the decision may be made to the City Council, in writing, within 14 days of the mailing or delivery of the decision. Individuals who are granted a 12 month waiver under this section are still obligated to keep the registered property secure and safe, and the exterior property areas free from debris, with grass regularly mowed.
   (B)   A request for a waiver from the provisions of § 97.04 for good cause as set forth in the waiver request, shall be made by the owner to the City Manager, in writing. The waiver request shall be reviewed by the City Manager within 30 days of receipt and the decision of the City Manager shall be in writing and mailed or delivered to the petitioner.
(Ord. 1077, passed 11-15-21)