Criminal Activity Nuisances
   Editor’s note: Chapter 680 was adopted by Fairlawn City Ordinance 2015-030, passed May 18, 2015. Ordinance 2015-030 was originally written as a new Chapter 678, but due to the fact that, at the time, there was an existing Chapter 678, Nuisance Trees and Firewood and Dangerous Trees, the chapter numbering for Criminal Activity Nuisances was changed to Chapter 680, as approved by the Fairlawn Law Director.
   680.01   Definition of criminal activity nuisance.
   680.02   Declaration of criminal activity nuisance property.
   680.03   Assessment of costs relating to criminal activity nuisance.
   680.04   Notice of assessment.
   680.05   Appeal to Real Property Maintenance Board.
   680.06   Assessment of property for costs incurred in abatement of nuisance.
   680.07   Declaration of nuisance is not exclusive remedy.
   680.08   Severability.