Any purchase of goods or services for or on behalf of the City which is reasonably expected to be for more than one thousand dollars ($1,000) but less than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) shall be made only in accordance with the following procedures, subject to the provisions of Section 282.16:
   (a)   An official named in Section 282.13 shall obtain offers or price quotations from three (3) different potential suppliers and submit the same to the Board of Audit and Review.  In the event that it can be shown to the Board that, through reasonable diligence three (3) different quotations could not be obtained, and this fact is documented, then the procedure may go forward with less than three (3) offers or price quotations from different suppliers.
   (b)   The Board shall designate the supplier with whom an order shall be placed, the goods or services to be ordered and the price to be paid for the same.
   (c)   The subject official shall place the order with the supplier designated according to the terms specified by the Board and on the approval of the Director of Public Service.
(Ord. 1999-85. Passed 9-7-99; Ord. 2002-114A. Passed 12-16-02; Ord. 2003-055.  Passed 9-22-03; Ord. 2013-009. Passed 3-4-13.)