(A)   No person shall be permitted to leave or allow to remain upon any street, alley or sidewalk any wood, coal or other items any longer than necessary for its removal, and any person leaving any deposit upon any street, alley or sidewalk for 24 hours after receiving notice from the Mayor, any member of the City Council or the Chief of Police to remove the same, shall be fined.
   (B)   Any crosswalks in the city shall be kept free from any vehicles, except so far as may be necessary in crossing the same, and the operator of any vehicle who shall stop or leave the same upon any crosswalk, and shall not immediately remove the same at the request of any person, shall be fined.
   (C)   Whenever, from any cause, any street or alley of the city, shall be obstructed by a motor vehicle, loaded or otherwise, the Mayor, Chief of Police or other city officer may give direction in regard to the removal of the vehicles as in the opinion of the officer may be required by the public convenience.
   (D)   No person or persons shall, by selling or offering for sale any property at auction or otherwise, obstruct, or cause to be obstructed any street or sidewalk, by drawing a crowd together.
   (E)   No person, firm or corporation shall place or cause to be placed upon any public sidewalk any goods, wares or merchandise, for show or sale, nor shall any goods, wares or merchandise be placed or hung over any public sidewalk unless the lowest part of the goods, wares or merchandise be elevated at least eight feet above the sidewalk.
   (F)   No person or persons receiving or delivering goods, wares or merchandise, shall place or keep the same upon the sidewalk without leaving a passage at least five feet wide; and the goods shall not be allowed to remain on the sidewalk for a longer period of time than two hours.
   (G)   No person shall obstruct any street, alley or sidewalk or other public ground, by placing therein or thereon any building material, or other kind of machinery or any article or thing, nor shall any person remove, or aid or assist in removing any building into, along or across any street, alley or public ground of the city, without first obtaining a written permit from the Mayor, and conforming to the restrictions and conditions as he or she may prescribe, nor shall in any case encumber more than one-third of any street, for the storage of building material.
   (H)   If any railroad corporation shall allow a train or car to stand upon any street, alley or sidewalk, within the corporate limits of the city for more than ten minutes, the railroad corporation shall be fined.
   (I)   Any person who shall leave open any cellar door, well, cistern or grating of any vault, upon or joining any public street or sidewalk, shall be fined.
   (J)   All gates, doors and fences across streets, sidewalks or alleys so as to obstruct or partially obstruct the sidewalks, streets or alleys are hereby declared a nuisance; and any person who shall permit any streets, sidewalks or alleys to be obstructed or partly obstructed by any door, gate or fence belonging to him, her or them, or shall swing or permit to be swung any gate or door so that the same may obstruct any streets, sidewalks or alleys when the same is open, shall upon conviction be fined.
(1986 Code, § 16.10.040) (Ord. 14, passed 8-14-1922; Ord. 438, passed 4-19-1938) Penalty, see § 91.999