Wireless and Cellular Telecommunications Towers and Facilities
1144.01   Purpose, definitions and effect.
1144.02   General requirements.
1144.03   Registration of wireless and cellular telecommunications facilities, carriers and providers.
1144.04   Wireless and cellular telecommunication towers and facilities structural requirements.
1144.05   Zoning districts and locations where permitted.
1144.06   Application procedure.
1144.07   Application requirements.
1144.08   Existing wireless and cellular telecommunication towers and facilities.
1144.09   Design standards for wireless and cellular telecommunications towers and facilities.
1144.10   Design standards for wireless and cellular telecommunication facilities as attachments to existing structures.
1144.11   Standards for wireless and cellular towers and facilities on publicly owned property.
1144.12   Wireless and cellular telecommunication tower and facility location within existing electrical transmission towers.
1144.13   Removal of wireless telecommunication towers and facilities.