Parcel maps shall be reviewed and approved as provided in this section.
   (A)   Review. The Town Engineer shall review the preliminary parcel map and cause any changes to be made which are legally required for approval, including:
      (1)   All provisions of law applicable at the time of approval of the parcel map have been complied with; and
      (2)   The map is technically correct.
   (B)   Original map. The subdivider shall submit to the Town Engineer the original tracing of the map and any duplicates per town requirements, corrected to its final form, and signed by all parties required to execute the statements or certificates on the map.
   (C)   Approval by town designated civil engineer. Upon receipt of all required certificates and submittal, the Town Engineer shall sign the appropriate statements and transmit the original map to the Town Clerk.
   (D)   Approval by Town Council.
      (1)   At the meeting at which it receives the map, or at its next regular meeting following receipt, the Town Council shall approve the parcel map if it conforms to all the legal requirements applicable at the time of approval or conditional approval of the tentative map and any rulings made thereunder, pursuant to Cal. Gov’t Code § 66458. If the map does not conform, the Town Council shall disapprove the map.
      (2)   In accordance with Cal. Gov’t Code § 66458(c), the meeting at which the Town Council receives the map shall be the date on which the Town Clerk receives the map from the Town Engineer.
   (E)   Filing for record. After approval, the Town Clerk or authorized agent shall transmit the approved parcel map directly to the County Recorder for recording.
(Prior Code, § 16.06.080) (Ord. 670, passed - -1998)