303.01   Conformity with rules required.
303.02   Compliance with police order; fleeing.  (Repealed)
303.03   Emergency vehicle and traffic regulations.
303.04   Riding, driving animals upon streets.
303.05   Prohibitions on use of freeways.
303.06   Traffic control devices must be obeyed.
303.07   Driver’s license or commercial driver’s license required.
303.071   Permitting operation without valid license; one license permitted.
303.072   Driving with temporary instruction permit; curfew.
303.073   Display of license.
303.074   Driving with probationary license; curfew.
303.075   Ohio driver’s license required for in state residents.
303.08   Driving under suspension or license restriction.
303.081   Driving under OVI suspension.
303.082   Driving under financial responsibility law suspension or cancellation; driving under a nonpayment of judgment suspension.
303.083   Driving without complying with license reinstatement requirements.
303.084   Driving under license forfeiture or child support suspension.
303.09   Certain acts prohibited.
303.10   Wrongful entrustment of  a motor vehicle.
303.11   Impounding vehicles from public property.
303.12   False information to law enforcement officer.
303.99   Penalty.
303.991   Committing an offense while distracted penalty.
      See sectional histories for similar State law
      Municipal power to supervise and control streets - see Ohio R.C. 723.01, 4511.07