Any owner of camping and recreational equipment may park or store such equipment on single-family residential property subject to the following conditions:
   (a)   Recreational equipment parked and stored shall not have fixed connections to electricity, water, gas, or sanitary sewer facilities, and at no time shall this equipment be used for living or housekeeping purposes for a period which exceeds thirty calendar days.
   (b)   If the camping and recreational equipment is parked or stored outside of a garage, it shall be parked or stored to the rear of the front building line of the lot except as provided in Subsection 1128.08(c) hereof.  The equipment must be stored on an improved surface such as a driveway or parking pad.  The setback requirement in the side or rear yard shall be a minimum of three feet.
   (c)   Notwithstanding the provisions of Subsection 1128.08(b) hereof, camping and recreational equipment may be parked anywhere on the premises for loading or unloading purposes, for a period of not more than forty-eight hours.
   (d)   Wheels or any similar transporting device shall not be removed, except for service, nor shall any trailer be permanently affixed to the ground.
      (Ord. 34-17.  Effective 12-7-17.)