(a)   Principal and Accessory Uses.  The following wireless telecommunication facilities are permitted as a principal use upon a lot, in any zoning district, subject to the following siting requirements:
      (1)   A wireless telecommunication facility shall be permitted when physically attached to or contained within the principal structure on the lot.
      (2)   A wireless telecommunication facility shall be permitted to be located on a preexisting electric, telephone, street light poles or fixtures, provided that said facility meets only criteria (1) and (3) of Section 1127.04(b): Siting Requirements for Principal Uses.
   (b)   Conditional Uses.  Wireless telecommunication facilities not permitted as a principal or accessory use, may be permitted as a conditional use upon a lot, subject to the following requirements.
   (c)   Siting Requirements for Conditional Uses.
      (1)   Maximum height shall require the approval of the Planning Board subject to technical evidence presented by the applicant.  The Planning Board shall consider in its evaluation the potential future use of the site as recommended by the Comprehensive Land Use Plan and may impose height limitations in keeping with those future zoning districts.
      (2)   The minimum setbacks for towers should meet a height distance ratio of 1:1. Under special circumstances, the Planning Board may reduce this setback, but it generally should not be less than one-half the height of the tower.
      (3)   No tower shall be located a distance less than its height from any residential dwelling unit.
      (4)   The minimum setbacks and yard requirements shall be established by the Planning Board, but in no case shall such shelter be located above ground in any required front or side yard unless the structure is less than three feet above grade and occupying less than twelve square feet.
      (5)   The Planning Board shall evaluate the visual impact of the tower or antenna support structure and may require techniques to disguise the proposed structure to reduce negative impacts.
         (Ord. 34-17.  Effective 12-7-17.)