A permit to operate a sexually oriented business may be suspended until the violation causing the suspension has been corrected, provided that the period is not to exceed thirty days, if a permittee or an employee of a permittee: 
   (a)    Violates or is not in compliance with this chapter; or
   (b)    Works at the sexually oriented business while under the influence of alcohol; or
   (c)    Refuses to allow an inspection of the sexually oriented business in accord with this chapter; or
   (d)    Knowingly permits gambling or the sale and/or consumption of alcohol on the premises of the sexually oriented business; or
   (e)    Fails to correct a violation of a building, fire, health or zoning code within seven (7) days of notification of such violation; or
   (f)    Transfers the sexually oriented business permit to another in violation of this chapter; or
   (g)    Knowingly employs a person without a valid license as required in Section 701.14
(Ord. 5-07.  Passed 2-19-07.)