(a)    All employees of a sexually oriented business who engage in the services rendered by a nude model studio, escort or escort agency, sexual encounter  establishment, massage parlor, or a live performer or entertainer are required to obtain a Sexually Oriented Business Employee License. Each applicant shall pay a permit fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) to cover reasonable administration costs.
   (b)    On a form provided by the City the applicant shall provide his or her:
      (1)    Name, including any "stage" names or aliases;
      (2)    Age, birth date and birthplace;
      (3)    Current resident and business addresses and phone numbers;
      (4)    Height, weight, hair and eye color;
      (5)    State driver's license or identification number and social security number;
      (6)    Proof of minimum age of eighteen (18);
      (7)    A color photograph and fingerprints on a form provided by the Police Department;
      (8)    A statement detailing the license or permit history of the applicant for the previous five years including information as to whether a permit had ever been denied, revoked or suspended, the reason for such action, the date of such action, and the jurisdiction in which such action occurred; and
      (9)    Information as to whether the applicant has been convicted of a "specified criminal act” as defined in Section 701.02(r) and the  date, place, jurisdiction and nature of such conviction.
   (c)    The application review shall be completed within ten (10) days of filing.
The employee license shall be issued unless the City finds that:
      (1)    The applicant knowingly made a false, misleading or fraudulent statement of material fact; 
      (2)    The application is under eighteen (18) years of age; 
      (3)    The applicant has been convicted of a "specified criminal act" as  defined in Section 701.02(o);
      (4)    The license is to be used in a business prohibited by this chapter or other local or state law; or 
      (5)    The applicant has had an Employee License revoked within two (2) years of the date of the current application. 
   (d)    An Employee License may be renewed annually upon written  application subject to the payment of a $10.00 renewal fee and a finding that the applicant is still in conformance with the application requirements.
(Ord. 5-07.  Passed 2-19-07.)