Any person using the skate park shall comply with the following rules and regulations:
   (A)   The hours of use of the skate park shall be established by City Council and shall be posted at the skate park. Use of the park at any time outside the hours posted is prohibited.
   (B)   While skating or skateboarding, the participant may only use those areas designated for skateboarding or related skating activities.
   (C)   While using the facility, the participant must use personal safety equipment comprised of at least head, knee and elbow protection.
   (D)   No food or drink is allowed in the designated skate area.
   (E)   No moveable obstacles or materials (i.e., ramps/jumps) are allowed in the park.
   (F)   Bicycling is prohibited within the skate area.
   (G)   Stunt, trick or luge skateboarding is limited to persons 12 years of age or older.
   (H)   Placing of graffiti anywhere in or on the park is prohibited and the park will be closed until the graffiti is removed and/or repaired. In addition to other penalties provided herein, any person putting graffiti on any part of the skate park shall pay for the cost of removal and damages thereof. Parents or guardians are also liable for such costs. (Cal. Health & Safety Code, § 1714(b))
   (I)   Personal conduct and behavior. The following are prohibited in the park area at all times:
      (1)   Possession or use of drugs or alcohol or being under the influence;
      (2)   Fighting or other violence;
      (3)   Possession or use of firearms, knives, or other weapons of any kind;
      (4)   Smoking or use of tobacco products;
      (5)   No amplified music or other excessive noise;
      (6)   No excessive profanity.
   (J)   Everyone shall treat others with respect and courtesy.
(Ord. 745-C.S., passed 11-17-09)  Penalty, see § 93.99