A.   The keeping of more than three (3) dogs over six (6) months old or more than three (3) cats over six (6) months old is hereby declared to be keeping or operating a kennel. Not more than three (3) such dogs or cats may be kept in any residence district or in any other district or area of the City except in a district specifically zoned for kennels, which requires a special use permit.
   B.   No dog kennel or any other establishment wherein animals are kept shall be maintained closer than forty feet (40') to any tenement or apartment house, hotel, restaurant, boarding house, retail food store, building used for educational, religious or hospital purposes or residence other than that occupied by the owner or occupant of the premises upon which the animals are kept, and said kennel or other establishment is subject to a special use permit. (Ord. 12-11-2, 11-5-2012)