A.   The City or authority, shall approve any request for a water tap and connection, a sewer tap on an existing line, or a sewer tap on a new line made into the City sewage or water systems. Prior to the approval by the City or authority, the customer shall have paid the charge as applicable for the tap or connection according to the latest schedule or rates set by the City Council or Public Works Authority.
   B.   A deposit shall be required for consumers of the City's utility services in such amounts as the Council or authority may determine by resolution or ordinance. The deposit shall serve as a guarantee for the payment of charges for water service and other amounts owed to the City in connection with the water service. When a customer's water service is disconnected, the deposit or any part of such amount deposited which remains after all such charges and amounts due the City have been satisfied, shall be returned to the customer.
   C.   A penalty fee for reconnection of water service where the service has been turned off or the water meter has been disconnected by the City or authority for reason of delinquent payment of a utility bill shall be charged in an amount set by the Council or authority by resolution or ordinance. (1984 Code)