3-108:   FEE:
   A.   The fee for such listed certificates under this chapter shall be set and/or amended by City Council in the fee schedule:
      1.   Certificate of Zoning.
      2.   Certificate of Fire/Safety/Health Code Compliance.
      3.   Certificate of Compliance - processing fee for ABLE application.
Such sums are consistent with the expense of inspecting and policing State's licensees. (Ord. 17-2-1, 2-6-2017)
   B.   No free certificates shall be granted, nor rebates allowed for any cause, nor any sum accepted less than the amount herein specified, nor for a shorter period than herein required. If the applicant is not successful in securing a State license, the fee, less two dollars fifty cents ($2.50) shall be refunded when the denial becomes final. (Ord. 85-10-1, 10-7-1985)