A.   Every applicant for an original or renewal license, as required under the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, except applicants for an employee, special event or airline/beverage, railroad beverage license, shall be required to furnish the Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission the following:
      1.   A certificate of zoning issued by the City certifying that the applicant's proposed location and use thereof comply with all Municipal zoning ordinances; and
      2.   A certificate issued by the City, certifying that the applicant's existing or proposed operations under the license comply with all Municipal Fire Codes, Safety Codes, or Health Codes.
   B.   Every applicant for a certificate of zoning compliance and a certificate of Fire, Safety and Health Code's compliance shall:
      1.   Complete and file an application on a form as prescribed by the City Clerk; and
      2.   Deposit in advance to the Office of the City Clerk the Occupational Tax levied and the prescribed certificate fee.
   C.   An applicant shall submit an affidavit stating all officers, location and dates of residence for the immediately preceding three (3) years.
   D.   Any persons submitting false information in an application for a certificate shall be grounds for denial of the application.
   E.   All applications must be acted on by the City within twenty (20) days after the receipt thereof. (Ord. 85-10-1, 10-7-1985)