A.   There is hereby levied and assessed an annual license on every business or occupation relating to alcohol beverage as set and/or amended by City Council in the fee schedule.
   B.   Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection A of this section:
      1.   The license fee for a mixed beverage or bottle license for those organizations or fraternal beneficiary societies which are exempt under section 501(c)(19), (8) or (10) of the Internal Revenue Code shall be as set and/or amended by Council in the fee schedule;
      2.   The fees provided for in the fee schedule for a brewer license and for a Class B wholesaler license shall be reduced by seventy five percent (75%) if the applicant therefor is also the holder of a license to manufacture or wholesale any low-point beer as provided for in this section; and
      3.   The renewal fee for an airline/railroad beverage license held by a railroad described in 49 USC, section 24301, shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00).
   C.   An applicant may apply for and receive both a beer and wine license and a caterer license.
   D.   All licenses, except otherwise provided, shall be valid for one year from July 1 of each year unless revoked or surrendered. Partial year license fee(s) shall be prorated to June 30. Provided, all employee licenses issued shall be valid for two (2) years. (Ord. 17-2-1, 2-6-2017)