A.   Upon completion of the work ordered to be performed under section 8-105 of this chapter, the City Clerk shall determine the actual cost of such cleaning and mowing and any other expenses as necessary in connection therewith, including the cost of notice and mailing. The City Manager or his or her designee shall examine the report and, after receiving appropriate information, shall determine the total cost of the work. Thereafter, the City Clerk shall forward by mail to the property owner at the address shown by the current tax rolls of the County Treasurer of the county in which the property is located a statement of the actual costs and demand for payment. If the cleaning and mowing are done by the City, the cost to the property owner for the cleaning and mowing shall not exceed the actual cost of the labor, maintenance and equipment required. If the cleaning and mowing are done on a private contract basis, the contract shall be awarded to the lowest and best bidder.
   B.   The property owner shall have a right to appeal to the City Council from the assessment rendered by the City Manager or his or her designee. Such appeal shall be taken and held in accordance with the appeal provisions of section 8-105 of this chapter.
(Ord. 14-8-2, 8-4-2014; amd. Ord. 18-11-4, 11-5-2018; Ord. 19-09-01, 9-9-2019)