(a)   The parking of vehicles on public or private property, excluding dedicated streets and ways set out for public travel and heretofore regulated, shall be prohibited without the consent of the owner of such private property or the proper governmental agency in charge of such public property.
   (b)   No vehicle shall be parked on public property in violation of rules and regulations established by the governmental agency controlling such public property.
(Ord. 207-1966.  Passed 9-19-66.)
   (c)   No vehicle shall be parked on any private property in violation of any regulations established by the owner of such private property, such regulations having been approved by the Chief of Police.
(Ord. 263-1975.  Passed 11-17-75.)
   (d)   The provisions of subsections (b) and (c) hereof shall not be applicable unless private or public property is posted in a conspicuous manner setting forth the prohibition of parking or the conditions and regulations under which parking is permitted.
   (e)   If any vehicle is found upon public or private property in violation of any of the provisions of this section and the identity of the driver cannot be determined, the owner or person in whose name such vehicle is registered shall be held prima-facie responsible for such violation.
   (f)   No motor vehicle shall be parked on private property between the street line and the building line, except under a plan first approved by the Chief of Police, or the Planning and Zoning Commission, or by the Building Commissioner, in accordance with their respective duties, obligations and standards as set forth in Parts Three, Thirteen and Seventeen of these Codified Ordinances.
(Ord. 207-1966.  Passed 9-19-66.)
   (g)   The owner of a private parking lot and his or her agent may tow, or cause to be towed, from a parking lot to a pound, garage or open air-storage facility, any motor vehicle which is parked thereon in violation of any rule, condition or regulation of such parking lot, which was posted pursuant to the provisions of this section.  The owner of such motor vehicle shall be liable for towing and per diem storage charges not to exceed an amount as determined on a yearly basis by the ex-officio Director of Public Safety.  The charge shall be established at a rate not to exceed by more than twenty-five percent of the charges authorized in the contract entered into by the City for the towing or storage of vehicles from public property.  The owner shall pay the same on demand prior to release of the motor vehicle.  The owner of the private parking lot or his or her agent must notify the Police Department at the time the motor vehicle is towed and must state where the motor vehicle is being taken and must give an accurate description and the license number of the motor vehicle.
(Ord. 53-1978.  Passed 3-6-78.)
Penalty - see Sections 307.01, 307.02 and 351.99