If the plans submitted conform to the laws as to egress, type of construction and general arrangement and are accompanied by drawings showing the structural design and by a statement that the plans and design conform to the requirements of law as to strength, stresses, loads and stability and are filed and sworn to be a registered architect or registered professional engineer, and separate applications for permits have been made as required by Sections 1703.02 and 1703.03, the Commissioner of Buildings may without further examination accept such affidavit and issue a permit for the construction, provided that the architect or engineer who made such affidavit agrees to submit to the Commissioner of Buildings on completion of the building or other structure, a certification that the structure has been erected in accordance with the approved plans and the requirements of this Code, and that all required inspections and approvals have been secured.
(Ord. 178-1959.  Passed 9-14-59.)