The Council shall make provision by ordinance for: (a) the form and method of enactment of its ordinances and the adoption of its resolutions; (b) the method of giving public notice of the enactment of its ordinances and the adoption of its resolutions, and of any other of its acts or proceedings which it deems proper to publish; (c) the procedure for making public improvements and levying assessments, including the procedure for combining two or more public improvements, and the levying of assessments therefor, in one proceeding, if the Council finds that it will be economical and practical to undertake such improvements jointly; (d) the advertising of contracts and proposed purchases, and of alterations or modifications of contracts; (e) the sale or disposal of Municipal property; (f) such other general regulations as the Council may deem necessary, including the use of an official seal.  All legislation shall contain gender neutral language.
   Ordinances may be revised, codified, rearranged, and published in book form under appropriate titles, chapters, and sections, and such revisions and codification may be made in one ordinance comprising one or more subjects.  The publication of such revision and codification in book form as aforesaid shall be held sufficient publication of the ordinance or ordinances contained in such revision and codification.  Any such publication of a revision or codification of ordinances in book form shall contain a certification by the President of Council and the Clerk of the correctness of such revision, codification, and publication, and the book so published shall be received in evidence in any court for the purpose of proving the ordinance or ordinances therein contained, in the same manner and for the same purpose as the original book, ordinances, minutes, or journals would be received.
(Amended November 2, 1993)