Trees, Plants and Shrubs
909.01   Trimming of trees, plants and shrubs on private property.
909.02   Diseased trees, dangerous trees, trees causing damage; nuisance declared.
909.03   Removal of trees damaging property from private property.
909.04   Responsibilities of Service Director and City re trees on public property.
909.05   Arboricultural specifications and standards of practice adopted.
909.06   Rules and regulations.
909.07   Permit to plant, treat or remove.
909.08   Conditional permit for tree removal.
909.09   Permit data.
909.10   Fastening materials to trees.
909.11   Placing substances harmful to trees.
909.12   Regulations for the protection of trees.
909.13   Utility wires.
909.14   Abatement of nuisance by owner or occupant.
909.15   Work by public utilities.
909.16   Interference with enforcement.
909.17   Trees for new construction.
909.18   Foresters and tree surgeons; permit required; fee.
909.19   Tree assessments.
909.20   Required plant screening.
909.21   Reserved for future legislation.
909.22   The Shade Tree/Municipal Beautification Commission.
909.99   Penalty.
   Power to regulate shade trees and shrubbery - see Ohio R.C. 715.20
   Injury or destruction of trees and growing products - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 541
   Christmas trees - see B.R. & T. Ch. 715
   Shrubbery obstructing view at intersections - see P. & Z. 1385.03 et seq.