The City Manager shall:
   (A)   Administer the personnel program as set forth in this subchapter and the personnel rules and regulations;
   (B)   Perform all lawful and necessary duties essential to the effective administration of the personnel system;
   (C)   Recommend rules and revisions and amendments thereto for the consideration of the governing body;
   (D)   Recommend a position classification plan for approval by the governing body and install and maintain such a plan;
   (E)   Prepare and recommend a pay plan for all city employees for the governing body approval;
   (F)   Establish and maintain a roster of all persons in the municipal service setting forth each officer and employee, class title of his or her position, salary, any changes in class title, status and such other data as may be deemed desirable or useful;
   (G)   Develop and administer such recruiting and examining programs as may be necessary to obtain an adequate supply of competent applicants to meet the needs of the city;
   (H)   Be responsible for certification of all payrolls;
   (I)   Develop and coordinate training and educational programs for city employees;
   (J)   Investigate periodically the operation and effect of the personnel provisions of this subchapter and the rules and at least annually reveal his or her findings and recommendations; and
   (K)   Perform such other duties as may be assigned not inconsistent with this subchapter.
(1994 Code, § 4-206)  (Ord. 407, passed 11-25-1985)