It is hereby the declared personnel policy of the city that:
   (A)   Employment in the city government shall be based on merit and free of personal and political considerations;
   (B)   Just and equitable incentives and conditions of employment shall be established and maintained to promote efficiency and economy in the operation of the municipal government;
   (C)   Positions having similar duties and responsibilities shall be classified and compensated for on a uniform basis;
   (D)   Appointments, promotions and other personnel actions requiring the application of the merit principle shall be based on systematic tests and evaluation;
   (E)   Every effort shall be made to stimulate high morale by fair administration of this subchapter and by every consideration of the rights and interests of employees, consistent with the best interests of the public and the city; and
   (F)   Tenure of employees covered by this subchapter shall be subject to good behavior, satisfactory performance of work, necessity for the performance of work and availability of funds.
(1994 Code, § 4-202)  (Ord. 407, passed 11-25-1985)