Mobile food units shall meet all applicable requirements as follows:
   (A)   No person shall engage in the business of a mobile food preparation vehicle within the city without first having obtained all required business licenses, a mobile food unit permit, and any permits, licenses and/or certifications required by the jurisdictional county and/or the State of Tennessee.
   (B)   No person shall sell, or offer for sale, any food, beverage, fruit, or like consumable product from any mobile food unit unless:
      (1)   Such person obtains a mobile food unit permit from the city;
      (2)   Such sales are made from a mobile food unit under the control of a mobile food unit operator; and
      (3)   The mobile food unit operator has obtained written permission from the owner or lessee of the premises on which the mobile food unit is located to operate a mobile food unit from the property.
   (C)   Mobile food units may only operate in the C-l Central Business District, C-2 Highway Business District, and I-1 Industrial District. Violations will be enforced by the codes enforcement officer or designee of the City Manager.
   (D)   Mobile food units must be mobile and on wheels at all times during operation. A trailer shall remain attached to its towing vehicle at all times. Mobile food units designated as semi-permanent are exempt from this requirement while operating in the space designated on their permit application.
   (E)   Mobile food units must be removed from authorized operating locations in permitted zones when not in use and between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. This definition does not include vehicles operating under a special event permit or mobile food units that are designated as semi-permanent.
   (F)   The operator shall have posted the current price per unit or measure for each type of item sold.
   (G)   Event operations of mobile food units will require a vendor permit.
(Ord. 829, passed 1-28-2019; Ord. 865, passed 3-22-2021) Penalty, see § 116.99