(A)   Located within the city are unmapped streams where areas of special flood hazard are neither indicated nor identified.
   (B)   Adjacent to such streams, the following provisions shall apply.
      (1)   No encroachments including fill material or other development including structures shall be located within an area of at least equal to twice the width of the stream, measured from the top of each stream bank, unless certification by a state registered professional engineer is provided demonstrating that the cumulative effect of the proposed development, when combined with all other existing and anticipated development, will not increase the water surface elevation of the base flood more than one foot at any point within the locality.
      (2)   When a new flood hazard risk zone, and base flood elevation and floodway data is available, new construction and substantial improvements shall meet the standards established in accordance with §§ 153.25, 153.26 and 153.40 through 153.47  of this chapter.
(1994 Code, § 14-405) (Ord. 514, passed 8-8-1994; Ord. 703, passed 5-24-2010)