The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to or affect the following:
   (A)   Persons selling goods pursuant to an order of process of a court of competent jurisdiction;
   (B)   Persons acting in accordance with their powers and duties as public officials;
   (C)   Any sale conducted by any merchant or mercantile, or other business establishment on a regular, day to day basis from or at the time of business wherein such sale would be permitted by zoning regulations of the city or under the protection of the non-conforming use section thereof or any other sale conducted by a manufacturer, dealer or vendor in which sale would be conducted from property zoned premises and not otherwise prohibited by order ordinances; and/or
   (D)   Any bona fide charitable, eleemosynary, educational, cultural or governmental institution or organization when the proceeds from the sale are used directly for the institution or organizations and the goods or articles are not sold on a consignment basis.
(1994 Code, § 9-619) (Ord. 410, passed 3-10-1986)