Prior to the issuance of any garage sale permit, the individual conducting such sales shall complete the garage sale permit application fee as set forth in § 111.07. The following information shall be required with the submittal of said application:
   (A)   Full name and address of applicant;
   (B)   The location at which the proposed garage sale is to be held;
   (C)   The date or dates upon which the sale shall be held. Dates of any other garage sales that said person has held in current calendar year;
   (D)   A written statement from applicant that they are the owner of said property location where sale is to be held or a written statement from property owner/landlord that they have granted permission for applicant to hold garage sale at the property location; and
   (E)   By signing said application, applicant agrees to the rules and regulations to hold such sale.
(1994 Code, § 9-606) (Ord. 410, passed 3-10-1986; Ord. 822, passed 8-27-2018)