(A)   All drug and alcohol testing of employees shall be conducted at medical facilities or laboratories selected by the city. To be considered as a testing site, a medical facility or laboratory must submit in writing, a description of the procedures that will be used to maintain test samples. This submission should be maintained by the City Manager’s office.
   (B)   Factors to be considered by the city in selecting a testing facility include:
      (1)   Testing procedures which ensure privacy to employees consistent with the prevention of tampering;
      (2)   Methods of analysis which ensure reliable test results, including the use of gas chromatography/mass spectrometry to confirm positive test results;
      (3)   Chain-of-custody procedures which ensure proper identification, labeling and handling of test samples; and
      (4)   Retention and storage procedures which ensure reliable results on confirmatory test or original samples.
(1994 Code, § 4-513)  (Ord. 527, passed 6-27-1995)