§ 35.096  GENERAL RULES.
   (A)   City employees shall not take or be under the influence of any narcotics or dangerous substance unless prescribed by the employees’ licensed physicians. Employees who are required to take prescription medicine shall notify their department head of the medication prescribed and the nature of the illness, injury or condition.
   (B)   City employees are prohibited from the use, possession and sale of drugs, alcohol or any other controlled substance on city property or in city vehicles.
   (C)   All property belonging to the city is subject to inspection at any time without notice as there is not expectation of privacy.
      (1)   Property includes, but is not limited to, vehicles, desks, containers, files and storage lockers.
      (2)   Employees assigned lockers (that are locked by the employee) are also subject to inspection by the employee’s supervisor after reasonable advance notice, (unless waived by the City Manager) and in the presence of the employee.
   (D)   City employees who have reason to believe another employee is illegally using drugs or narcotics shall report the facts and circumstances immediately to the supervisor.
   (E)   Failure to comply with the intent or provisions of this general order may be used as grounds for disciplinary action.
(1994 Code, § 4-502)  (Ord. 527, passed 6-27-1995)