(A)   Within five days of return from travel, the traveler is expected to complete and file the expense reimbursement form. It must be certified by the traveler that the amount due is true and accurate. Original lodging, travel, taxi, parking and other receipts must be attached.
   (B)   If the City of Etowah/Etowah Utility Board provided a travel advance or made advanced payment, the traveler should include that information on the expense form. In the case of advances, the form should have a reconciliation summary, reflecting total claimed expenses with advances and utility pre-payments indicated. The balance due the traveler or the refund due the utility should be clearly shown below the total claim on the form or in a cover memo attached to the front of the form. If the traveler received a travel advance and spent less than the advance, the traveler must return the difference to the City of Etowah/Etowah Utility Board within five days. The City Manager/General Manager will address special circumstances and issues not covered in this resolution on a case-by-case basis.
(1994 Code, § 4-408)  (Res. 591, passed - -; Ord. 676, passed 8-27-2007; Ord. 777, passed 6-22-2015)