§ 35.014  ELIGIBLE LIST.
   (A)   Eligible lists, in the order of their priority shall be re-employment lists, promotional eligible lists and original appointment eligible lists.
      (1)   Re-employment lists shall contain the names of permanent employees laid off in good standing for lack of funds or work.
      (2)   Promotional eligible lists and original appointment eligible lists shall be created as provided in Art. 8 and Art. 9.
      (3)   Probationary employees laid off for lack of work or lack of funds, and probationary employees who resign and whose resignations are withdrawn within one year, with the approval of the appointing authority, may have their names restored to the eligible list from which their appointment was originally made.
   (B)   When an appointment is to be made to fill a vacancy, the City Manager shall make the selection from the names of three persons ranked highest on the appropriate list who have indicated willingness to accept appointment (“rule of three”). When more than one vacancy is to be filled, the number of names submitted shall equal the number of vacancies, plus two.
   (C)   Policies and procedures for administering eligible lists shall be provided in the personnel rules, covering the duration, cancellation, replacement and consolidation of such lists and the removal or suspension of the names of eligibles therefrom.
(1994 Code, § 4-214)  (Ord. 407, passed 11-25-1985)