(A)   The City Manager shall make an analysis of the duties, authority and responsibility of all positions in the classified service and shall recommend to the governing body a position classification plan. Each position in the classified service shall be assigned to a job classification on the basis of its kind and level of its duties and responsibilities, to the end that all positions in the same class shall be sufficiently alike to permit use for a single descriptive class title, the same qualifications, requirements of the same test of competence and the same pay scale. A job class may contain one position or more than one position.
   (B)   Within 60 days after the recommendation of the initial classification plan by the City Manager, the governing body shall by resolution, after public hearing, approve a classification plan and the City Manager shall thereafter allocate each position to its appropriate class.
   (C)   The class to which each position is initially allocated following adoption of this subchapter shall be the class in which the employee shall have status conferred on him or her by Art. 18.
   (D)   The initial class plan shall be revised from time to time as changing conditions require, upon recommendation of the City Manager and with the approval of the governing body. Such revisions may consist of the adoption of new classes or the abolishment, consolidation, division or amendment of existing classes.
(1994 Code, § 4-208)  (Ord. 407, passed 11-25-1985)