No. 1.      Repealed
No. 2.      Obsolete
No. 3.      Repealed
No. 4.      Repealed
No. 5.      Repealed
No. 6.      Adoption Of Ordinances On Day Of Introduction
No. 7.      Obsolete
No. 8.      City Commissioners' Salaries
No. 9.      Repealed
No. 10.   Repealed
No. 11.   Pensions For Policemen And Firemen
No. 12.   Repealed
No. 13.   Aggregate Tax Limits
No. 14.   Licenses For Cereal Malt Beverages
No. 15.   Repealed
No. 16.   Repealed
No. 17.   Plumbing Regulations
No. 18.   Repealed
No. 19.   Repealed
No. 20.   Sidewalks
No. 21.   Repealed
No. 22.   Annual Salary Of Members Of Governing Body
No. 23.   Competitive Bidding Of Public Improvement Projects
No. 24.   Consumption Of Alcoholic Liquor In Public Places
No. 25.   Repealed
No. 26.   Repealed
No. 27.   Repealed
No. 28.   Revocation And Suspension Of Cereal Malt Beverage Retailers License
No. 29.   Membership Of The Convention And Tourism Committee
No. 30.   Code Of Procedure For Municipal Courts
No. 31.   Membership Of The Convention And Visitors Advisory Board
No. 32.   Appointment Of Municipal Court Judges
No. 33.   Court Costs In Municipal Court
No. 34.   Not Passed
No. 35.   City Exempted From K.S.A. 12-1697; Charter Ordinance No. 25 Repealed; Transient Guest Tax
No. 36.   Repealed
No. 37.   Levy For Library Fund
No. 38.   Filling Vacancies On The City Commission
No. 39.   Payment Of Costs For General Improvements
No. 40.   Repealing Charter Ordinance No. 26
No. 41.   Exemption - K.S.A. 13-1024a
No. 42.   Not Passed
No. 43.   Transient Guest Tax And Visitor’s Advisory Board



1. This appendix contains the charter ordinances of the city. Those still having the force and effect of law are printed in full as adopted by the governing body and as filed with the secretary of state; the headings preceding each ordinance and the catchlines for sections of each ordinance were added by the editor.
State constitution reference–charter ordinances, art. 12, § 5(c).