The following regulations shall apply to the construction of swimming pools:
   (a)   Swimming pool construction shall conform to the Building, Plumbing and Electrical Codes of the City.
   (b)   Nonportable fiberglass and plastic pools may be permitted, provided that they meet accepted safety and construction standards.
   (c)   Any accessory building which houses pumping and filtering equipment shall conform to the provisions of the Zoning Code and this Building Code.
   (d)   Illuminating lights may be erected with an intensity of no more than two footcandles, installed and shielded so as to eliminate direct rays and minimize reflected rays upon adjoining premises.
   (e)   All electrical wiring shall conform to the requirements of the National Electrical Code.  Installation shall be underground wiring in an approved conduit.
   (f)   All plumbing necessary for the connection of the intake or the outlet of a swimming pool to the City water system or sewer system shall conform to the requirements of the Plumbing Code.
   (g)   There shall be no direct cross-connection with the City or home water supply and the water supply for the pool.
   (h)   The construction of the pool shall be made in such a manner that all scum, splash and deck water shall not return to the pool, except through the filter system.
   (i)   The pool shall be kept free at all times of floating material, sediment and debris, either by an automatic surface skimmer, scum gutter or some other means.
   (j)   Every private swimming pool shall be equipped with an approved filtration system.  The system shall have sufficient capacity to provide a complete turnover of the pool water in twenty-four hours or less when operated at a rate not to exceed three gallons per minute per square foot of filter area.  Hair and lint strainers shall be provided so as to protect the pumps.
   (k)   A provision shall be made for positive germicidal or bacterial control by the use of chlorine, bromine or other such disinfecting agents.
   (l)   All swimming pool installations shall be completed and filled with water, and the filter system shall be in operation, before final inspection.
   (m)   The pool sides and bottom shall be constructed of smooth, nonabsorbent materials, free from cracks, and be so constructed as to be properly drained, through one or more metal grate openings.  At all times when the pool is in use, water shall be sufficiently clear to see distinctly a bull's eye target,  six inches in black on a white disc eighteen inches in diameter, from the side walk of the pool or the side of the pool.
   (n)   The required fence must be installed prior to filling the pool with water, unless the Building Inspector has approved other means of protection for a specified, temporary period of time.
(Ord. 94-164.  Passed 8-15-94.)