Before the Safety-Service Director grants permission to use a mobile home as a temporary residence for 120 days, renewable for 120 days, the applicant and the owner of the real estate in question shall sign a written authorization permitting the City, through its authorized agents and employees, to enter upon the property in question and remove the mobile home at the end of 120 days or at the end of 240 days if a renewal is granted, if the applicant fails to do so. Such written authorization shall further provide that the applicant and owner of the real estate shall reimburse the City for all costs involved in removing the mobile home, including, but not limited to, towing and storage. Furthermore, if the applicant is the owner of the mobile home and does not remove the mobile home at the end of the 120-day or 240-day period and the City is required to remove the mobile home, then the applicant shall authorize the City to sell the mobile home after thirty days from the time of removal if the applicant has not made arrangements to reimburse the City for its costs expended, Out of the proceeds of sale of such mobile home, the City shall be reimbursed for all of its expenses incurred in removing and storing the mobile home and the balance of the funds shall be paid to the owner of the mobile home subject to any liens on the title.
(Ord. 83-214. Passed 10-3-83.)