(a)   All testimony shall be given under oath.
   (b)   A complete record of the proceedings shall be kept, except confidential deliberations of the Board, but including all documents presented and a verbatim record of the testimony of all witnesses.
   (c)   The applicant shall proceed first to present evidence and testimony in support of the appeal or variance.
   (d)   The administrator may present evidence or testimony in opposition to the appeal or variance.
   (e)   All witnesses shall be subject to cross-examination by the adverse party or their counsel.
   (f)   Evidence that is not admitted may be proffered and shall become part of the record for appeal.
   (g)   The Board shall issue subpoenas upon written request for the attendance of witnesses. A reasonable deposit to cover the cost of issuance and service shall be collected in advance.
   (h)   The Board shall prepare conclusions of fact supporting its decision. The decision may be announced at the conclusion of the hearing and thereafter issued in writing or the decision may be issued in writing within a reasonable time after the hearing.
(Ord. 2008-90.  Passed 7-7-08.)