1386.38  APPEALS.
   (a)   Any person affected by any notice and order, or other official action of the Floodplain Administrator may request and shall be granted a hearing on the matter before the Appeals Board provided that such person shall file, within fourteen days of the date of such notice and order, or other official action, a brief statement of the grounds for such hearing or for the mitigation of any item appearing on any order of the Floodplain Administrator's decision. Such appeal shall be in writing, signed by the applicant, and be filed with the Floodplain Administrator. Upon receipt of the appeal, the Floodplain Administrator shall transmit said notice and all pertinent information on which the Floodplain Administrator's decision was made to the Appeals Board.
   (b)   Upon receipt of the notice of appeal, the Appeals Board shall fix a reasonable time for the appeal, give notice in writing to parties in interest, and decide the appeal within a reasonable time after it is submitted.
(Ord. 2008-90.  Passed 7-7-08.)