(a)   An application for a floodplain development permit shall not be required for:
      (1)   Maintenance work such as roofing, painting, and basement sealing, or for small nonstructural development activities (except for filling and grading) valued at less than five thousand dollars ($5,000).
      (2)   Development activities in an existing or proposed manufactured home park that are under the authority of the Ohio Department of Health and subject to the flood damage reduction provisions of the Ohio Administrative Code Section 3701.
      (3)   Major utility facilities permitted by the Ohio Power Siting Board under Ohio R.C. Chapter 4906.
      (4)   Hazardous waste disposal facilities permitted by the Hazardous Waste Siting Board under Ohio R.C. Chapter 3734.
      (5)   Development activities undertaken by a Federal agency and which are subject to Federal Executive Order 11988 - Floodplain Management.
   (b)   Any proposed action exempt from filing for a floodplain development permit is also exempt from the standards of these regulations.
(Ord. 2008-90.  Passed 7-7-08.)