A permit and payment of all fees shall be required to place, erect or display an on-premises sign in the City unless  otherwise provided by this chapter.  All permits shall be issued by the Building Inspector subject to the following conditions:
   A.   Each applicant for such a permit shall file with the Building Inspector an application on forms to be supplied and a sketch, drawing, diagram or such other descriptive matter as shall show the type, kind and location of the sign and the manner in which the same shall be erected.
   B.   Payment of  appropriate fees to the City of Elyria pursuant to Chapter 109 of these Codified Ordinances.
   C.   No person shall place, erect or display any sign unless all provisions of this Code have been met.
   D.   A sign for which a permit has been issued shall not be modified, relocated, altered or replaced unless an amended or a new permit is obtained from the Building Inspector. 
(Ord. 98-176.  Passed 8-3-98.)