1174.01  PURPOSE.
   It is the purpose of these sign regulations to permit the use of signs as a means of communication in the City; to maintain and enhance the City's natural and manmade environment; to encourage an attractive and healthy economic environment; to promote the public health, safety and general welfare; and to minimize the possible adverse effects of signs on nearby public and private property.
   The purpose as stated above recognizes the following findings concerning signs:
   A.   That excessive numbers of signs in a single location create dangerous traffic conditions, intrude on motorist and pedestrian enjoyment of the natural and man-made beauty of the City, and as such are detrimental to the public health, safety and general welfare of the City.
   B.   That business enterprises and other institutions located along public and private streets have a need to identify themselves and their activities to motorists and pedestrians by means of signs.
   C.   Furthermore, the City has determined that, without adequate regulation and design standards, signs are a nuisance.  The number of signs in Elyria is excessive and is unduly distracting to motorists and pedestrians, creates a traffic hazard, and in some places reduces the effectiveness of signs. 
(Ord. 98-176.  Passed 8-3-98.)