All owners of property connected to the sewerage system of the City through a building sewer shall be responsible for the payment of user charges established in this chapter, without exception, even if the owner has an agreement with a tenant or lessee for the payment of user fees directly to the City.  Any City utility account established and maintained in the name of a tenant or lessee shall be considered an account on the behalf of the owner of the property.
   Each sewer service charge under or pursuant to this chapter is hereby made a lien upon the corresponding lot, parcel of land, building or premises served by a connection to the sewerage system.  If the same is not paid within ninety days after it is due and payable, it shall be duly certified to the County Auditor who shall place the same on the tax duplicate of the County with the interest and penalties allowed by law, and such lien shall be collected as other taxes are collected. 
(Ord. 86-41.  Passed 2-19-86.)