(a)   The reimbursement rates to be paid by the City when requiring a developer to upgrade sanitary sewer lines shall be as follows:
Diameter Size Increase (in.)
Rate of Reimbursement (per lin. ft.)
8 to 12
$ 8.00
12 to 15
8 to 15
   (b)   The City Engineer shall inspect all sanitary sewer lines prior to acceptance by the City before reimbursement and certify the linear feet of any sanitary sewer line ("pipe") for which reimbursement is due.  All reimbursements shall be dependent upon the availability of duly appropriated funds.
   (c)   If a developer chooses to proceed with the construction of upgraded sanitary sewer lines after having been advised by the City Engineer of the unavailability of duly appropriated funds, the developer shall do so at its own risk and no reimbursement shall be due.  Under no circumstances shall the decision of a developer to upgrade sanitary sewer lines without certification from the City Engineer that duly appropriated funds are available for reimbursement commit Council to any additional or future year appropriations.
   (d)   In 1999, and in each year thereafter, the City Engineer shall certify to Council the estimated proportional cost of upgrading sanitary sewer lines based on the reasonable cost of materials anticipated for the succeeding year.  These estimated upgrade reimbursement amounts shall constitute the reimbursement rates for the succeeding calendar year.  All reimbursements shall be subject to the availability of duly appropriated funds.
(Ord. 98-125.  Passed 5-4-98.)