(a)   No person shall stop, stand or park any motor vehicle for any purpose upon or in the front yard area of any parcel of land within residential districts in the City, which is not within the confines of any building, garage, carport or improved driveway.  "Improved driveway," as used herein, means a paved or otherwise surfaced area of a durable, pervious or impervious material.  "Front yard," as used herein, means that portion of any parcel of land extending from the City right of way, between the side lot lines, to the building set-back line.
   In the case of a corner lot, the front yard shall include that portion or area between the side of the structure and the intersecting side street right of way.
   (b)   No commercially licensed vehicle in excess of one ton capacity shall be permitted to park in the driveway or parking lot of any dwelling used as a residence within the City. 
(Ord. 93-94.  Passed 4-5-93.)