(a)   When a City employee is required to drive his or her personal automobile for any Municipal business, he or she shall be given an allowance at the current business standard mileage rate allowed by the Internal Revenue Service for business purposes under Internal Revenue Code Section 162.
(Ord. 97-300.  Passed 12-15-97.)
   (b)   If the travel pertains to a meeting, conference or convention out of town, the allowance shall be to and from the site of activity as computed by the American Automobile Association, Ohio Motorist's Association.
   (c)   Turnpike tolls and parking fees shall be considered an additional expense and shall be reimbursed upon presentation of a receipt.
   (d)   The City Auditor may adopt procedures pertaining to the payment of and reimbursement for expenses incurred by employees.
(Ord. 90-298.  Passed 12-3-90; Ord. 2004-2.  Passed 1-20-04; Ord. 2004-8.  Passed 2-2-04; Ord. 2012-03.  Passed 1-17-12.)