(a)   For full-time employees hired before May 1, 2017, longevity benefits will be one percent salary increase for each year completed on the payroll following the completion of the employee's first anniversary date on the City payroll. The one percent increments due to longevity are limited to twenty years, for a maximum of twenty percent.
   (b)   For full-time employees hired on or after the effective date of this section, longevity benefits shall be as follows:
      (1)   Employees shall be paid their base salary plus any allowance plus any negotiated wage increases for their first five years of employment. On the fifth anniversary date of the employment (which occurs at the start of their sixth year of employment (i.e. an anniversary for an employee hired 1/1/2015 would be 1/1/2020), the full-time employee shall receive a five percent increase which shall be calculated on their base salary.
      (2)   Employees shall be paid their salary plus an allowance plus any negotiated wage increases for years six through ten of their employment. On the tenth anniversary of their employment, the full-time employee shall receive an additional five percent increase.
      (3)   Thereafter, on the eleventh through the twentieth anniversary date of their employment the employees shall receive an additional one percent wage increase, which shall be calculated on their base salary.
      (4)   This longevity structure is limited to a twenty percent year total amount, for a maximum total increase of twenty percent.
   These increases shall be calculated on the employee's base salary in effect at the time of the increase which shall not include allowances, but shall include any negotiated or authorized increases in base salary.
   (c)   The 1% increment will continue each year until the employee reaches the maximum amount of 20%. Thereafter, the benefit will remain at 20% as long as the employee remains on the City payroll in a full-time capacity. Effective January 1, 2012, the Mayor, Auditor, Law Director, Safety Service Director and any Assistant Safety Service Director shall not be entitled to any longevity, except in the event the Mayor, Auditor, or Law Director who is in office as of December 31, 2011, is re-elected and continues in office after December 31, 2011, then the longevity percentage of each shall remain the same as it was as of December 31, 2011.  Provided, however, that in the event, any individual, who prior to being elected or appointed Mayor, Auditor or Law Director only, is a full-time employee of the City entitled to longevity, then any such person shall continue to receive during their term in office as Mayor, Auditor or Law Director only, the same longevity percentage such person received as of December 31, 2011. The Safety-Service Director and any Assistant Safety-Service Director shall not be entitled to any longevity.
   (d)   An employee is allowed one interruption of such continuous service, but only if that interruption is for less than 200 days. An interruption of 450 days or more means that longevity starts from the day the employee returns to the payroll. If less than 200 days, the days missed will be counted towards an employee’s longevity, while the days missed between 200 and 449 days will not be counted toward longevity, but will be subtracted from such employee’s total longevity time. Effective January 1, 2012, this division (d) shall not apply to the positions of Safety-Service Director and Assistant Safety-Service Director.
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