165.04  HOLIDAYS.
   (a)   There are hereby established the following paid holidays for full-time employees:
      (1)   The first day of January, known as New Year's Day;
      (2)   The third Monday of January, known as Martin Luther King Day;
      (3)   The third Monday of February, known as President's Day;
      (4)   The day celebrated as Memorial Day;
      (5)   The fourth day of July, known as Independence Day;
      (6)   The first Monday of September, known as Labor Day;
      (7)   The second Monday of October, known as Columbus Day;
      (8)   The eleventh day in November, known as Veterans' Day;
      (9)   The fourth Thursday in November, known as Thanksgiving Day;
      (10)   The day after Thanksgiving;
      (11)   The day of Christmas Eve;
      (12)   The twenty-fifth day of December, known as Christmas Day;
      (13)   One-half day off on New Year's Eve;
      (14)   Two days for personal business, provided that twenty four hours' notice is given by the employee to the employer and that the absence does not cause an undue hardship on the employer's operations;
      (15)   The employee's birthday, to be taken on such day or as a floating holiday by mutual agreement between the employee and his or her department head; and
      (16)   Any other day appointed or recommended by the Mayor.
(Ord. 2000-195.  Passed 10-2-00; Ord. 2003-198.  Passed 11-17-03.)
   (b)   The benefits granted in subsection (a) hereof shall be subject to the following stipulations:
      (1)   Only full-time employees shall be entitled to such holidays.
      (2)   To be entitled to holiday pay, an employee shall be on the active payroll (i.e. actually receives pay) during the week in which the holiday falls and shall have worked his or her last scheduled working day prior to the holiday and his or her first scheduled working day after the holiday within the employee's regularly scheduled work week, unless such absence has been approved by the Director of Safety-Service.
      (3)   An employee receiving an injury or contracting a valid illness occurring on the day before or the day after a holiday shall receive benefits for such holiday.
      (4)   An employee shall be given an additional day off for any holiday which falls during his or her vacation period.
      (5)   If any of the holidays set forth in subsection (a) hereof falls on Sunday, the following Monday shall be observed as the holiday. If any such holiday falls on Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be observed as the holiday.
      (6)   No probationary period is needed to receive paid holidays.
(Ord. 89-6. Passed 1-3-89; Ord. 2017-124. Passed 9-5-17.)