(a)   The Finance Director is hereby authorized and directed, when it is determined that there are moneys in the Treasury which are not required for a Municipal use by the City for a period of time in the future, to certify such fact in writing, signed by the Finance Director, to the Treasury Investment Board and to the Clerk of Council.
   (b)   Such certificate by the Finance Director shall specify the amount of such moneys and the period for which they will not be required for a Municipal use by the City and shall certify that such moneys are available for investment according to law.
   (c)   Upon receipt of such certificate by the Finance Director, the Treasury Investment Board may invest such moneys pursuant to the City Charter and Ohio R.C. 731.56 et seq. in the same manner as though Council had passed an ordinance to the same effect.
   (d)   The authority contained in this section is in addition to that contained in Ohio R.C. 731.56 et seq. and not in substitution therefor.
(Ord. 79-19.  Passed 2-5-79.)