A.   Duties: The building official shall devote all necessary time to the duties of his office. He/she shall receive applications required by this code, issue permits and furnish the prescribed certificates. He/she shall examine premises for which permits have been issued and shall make necessary inspections to see that the provisions of law are complied with and that construction is prosecuted safely. He/she shall enforce all provisions of the building code. He/she shall, when requested by proper authority, or when the public interest so requires, make investigations in connection with matters referred to in the building code and render written reports on the same. To enforce compliance with law, to remove illegal or unsafe conditions, to secure the necessary safeguards during construction, or to require adequate exit facilities in buildings and structures, he/she shall issue such notices or orders as may be necessary.
   B.   Inspections; Issuance of Certificates: Inspections required under the provisions of the building code shall be made by the building official or his duly appointed assistant. The building official may accept reports of inspectors of recognized inspection services, after investigation of their qualifications and reliability. No certificate called for by any provision of the building code shall be issued on such reports unless the same are in writing and certified to by a responsible officer of such service.
   C.   Records: The building official shall keep comprehensive records of applications, of permits issued, of certificates issued, of inspections made, or reports rendered, and of notices or orders issued. He/she shall retain on file copies of required plans and all documents relating to building work so long as any part of the building structure to which they relate may be in existence. All such records shall be open to public inspection for good and sufficient reasons at the stated office hours but shall not be removed from the office of the building official without his written consent.
   D.   Reports to Council: The building official shall make written reports to the Ely city council once each month, or oftener if requested, including statements of permits and certificates issued, and orders promulgated.
   E.   Assistance and Cooperation: The building official may request and shall receive, so far as may be necessary in the discharge of his duties, the assistance and cooperation of other officials of the city. (Prior code § 5-6)
   F.   Right of Entry: The building official, in the discharge of his official duties, and upon proper identification, shall have authority to enter any building, structure or premises at any reasonable hour. (Ord. 746, 8-18-2022)